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“I believe a regular commitment to Pilates is rewarded with total body strength and stamina that’s fit for life”

To book into a class for the first time please contact Katie direct to reserve your space and to find out which class is best suited. (sometimes Katie’s Pilates ends up in the junk mail folder, so do double check, as Katie always replies to emails on the same day).

You have the option to PAY AS YOU GO or:

  • £45 for 6 (within 8 weeks)
  • £70 for 10 (within 8 weeks)
  • £120 for 20 (within 10 weeks)

(You can mix and match the classes) You have up until 2 HOURS before your class starts to transfer the date to another time.

Katie looks forward to helping you discover a happier, healthier new lifestyle!

Online Class Timetable

  • Online Classes

    All single classes are now £9 pay as you go (excluding the Kids class which is £5)

  • Online Class Offers

    £45 for 6 (within 8 weeks)

    £70 for 10 (within 8 weeks)

    £120 for 20 (within 10 weeks)

6.30-7.15pm – LIVE Pilates with Bianca £9

8-8.30pm – LIVE Stretch & Unwind (prenatal friendly) with Anna £6

8.35-9.35pm Prenatal Pilates with Anna £9

8-8.45pm – LIVE Pilates with Bianca £9

8.00-8.30am – LIVE Super Gentle Movement with Anna £6

7-7.30pm – LIVE Tuesday Beginners Pilates with Anna £9

7.15-8pm – LIVE Pilates with Bianca £9

7-7.30pm – LIVE Pilates HIIT with Anna £6

8-9pm – LIVE Pilates with Katie £9

8-8.30am Standing to seated Pilates with Anna £6

7-8pm – LIVE Pilates with Katie £9

7-7.30pm – LIVE Pilates with Katie £6

7.30-8.00pm 30min Pilates with Katie £6

8.30-9.30am LIVE Pilates with Anna £9

10-10:45am – LIVE Pilates with Bianca £9

9.30-10.15am – Stretch & Flow with Bianca £9 (prenatal friendly)

Studio Timetable



9.45-10.30am – Mum & Baby Pilates with Katie £12

7-8pm – Pilates with Katie £12


Tuesday 9.30-10.15am Mum & Baby BUGGYLATES – Pilates in the park (months May, June & July) with Katie £12


9.30-10.30am – Pilates (PRENATAL FRIENDLY) with Katie £12



9.45-10.30am Mum & Baby Pilates with Katie £12



7.45 – 8.45pm – Pilates with Michaela £12



7.20 – 8.20pm – Pilates with Katie £12