Katies Pilates can arrange a treatment for you, in your own home, transforming it into a peaceful space.

Sports Massage isn’t just for athletes, but it can revitalise the muscles and ligaments in every one of us. If you have any muscular pain and discomfort – be it mild or as severe as sciatica, you can benefit greatly from a sports massage!

Sports massage uses specific techniques to help obtain maximum performance and physical condition, whilst reducing chance of injury in both the sporting and non-sporting community leaving you feeling more supple and mobile after each session. What’s more is that Sports massage can be used at any stage during the injury / rehab process and even from your second trimester of pregnancy OR it can just be there to allow for some ‘you time’ and a bit of relaxation out of our busy lives.

We also offer a more therapeutic relaxation massage if a deeper and more intense massage is not your style.

Prices range from £35 for a 30minute massage to £60 for an hour.

Reflexology is a holistic, non-invasive complementary health therapy, usually applied to the feet. It creates a sense of deep relaxation through the application of gentle pressure to the feet, focusing on reflex points which have been mapped to correspond to the systems and organs of the body. By using specific massage techniques on these points reflexology treatments help the body to rebalance, promoting circulation, the elimination of toxins, and encouraging the body’s own healing mechanisms. It may be beneficial as part of a holistic approach for a variety of health conditions including digestive complaints, poor sleep patterns, stress, migraines and general pain, whilst also helping to soothe those tired, overworked feet, and moisturising the skin.

Prices range from £35 for a 30minute massage to £60 for an hour.

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