‘Within you there is stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself’ Hermann Hesse

We can ask an honest “how do I do?” and “where am I heading?” question daily. Or is it possible to look at yourself / your body and truly love yourself?

RECONNECT is an opportunity for you to regroup both with yourself and perhaps connect with other like minded souls.

Our workshops focus on enabling every individual to feel connected, understood, empowered and refocused. Coming together in a group can also be an incredibly powerful experience of sharing stories and learning from each other.

Both Natalie and Katie hope that one day people won’t be ashamed of talking about their mental health and it is seen as no different to any physical ailment. It’s not a weakness, it’s a part of being human.

The workshop we currently offer:

Compassion focus – this session is great for anyone who struggles with self criticism/self attack or stress in general.

  • What is compassion and why is it so difficult for us

  • Why compassion is so important and what role it has to play in wellbeing

  • Identifying the qualities of compassion

  • Imagery exercises to experience how compassion feels and how we can use it every day to increase self care and self soothing

  • Pilates exercises & breath work to encourage self work. Exercise can encourage us to become more connected with our body & is part of self work. By working on ourselves we are best able to truly change and therefore improve society.