Testimonials about Katie’s Pilates

I’ve been going to Katie’s classes for just over three years now and they are hands down the best Pilates classes in London (in fact they might be the best workout classes in London full stop!) Katie and Anna are wonderful teachers who offer very unique classes. They make you feel at ease and make you laugh whilst working every muscle in your body. I am also so relaxed after the hour – the perfect medicine for busy London lives. There is also no pretentiousness to be seen (unlike some other Pilates and Barre studios I have been too). My body and core feels so strong and my arms and legs feel so much longer. I owe it to Katie and Anna’s classes changing my body shape and making me think more about how I move on a daily basis AND giving me the arms and back I wanted for my wedding last year ….there wasn’t a weight in sight! Attending these classes are literally the highlight of my week. I can’t get enough!

I really can’t recommend Katie’s Pilates enough. I have been to classes with Katie and Anna since my son was 6 months old and the strength of my body and mind 3 years on makes me extremely proud. The classes are taught with a true passion for Pilates, professionalism and creativity that is second to none but with a realism that is heartening and inspiring. Everybody needs some Katie’s Pilates in the their lives!

Katie completely smashed my previous preconceptions of Pilates. Her classes are not Pilates as you know it. I spent years pushing myself hard in the gym which often resulted in tight muscles and back pain. I’d never been fitter or more toned, but importantly I never found excuses not to turn up to a class, in fact I’d be gutted when I couldn’t. I was able to continue throughout my pregnancy in her prenatal classes and I’ve been told by more than one physio that my swift recovery from a c-section is down to my 2+ years of Pilates. Now I’m attending the postnatal classes (with baby in tow!) and can’t wait til I can get graduate to the evening classes.

I had been recommended to start pilates a few times as I am one of those who stores all tension in my shoulders and following long days at my desk it can be debilitating. I used to have weekly massages just to cope but then I found Katie’s classes. I’m not sure about the science behind it all but I know since stumbling across this jewel in a Balham hall I have better posture, sleep better and actually enjoy a weekly class (unheard of before). With Katie and Anna’s up-tempo music and creative routines every week you walk out of each class feeling refreshed and bounding with energy. It’s made me rethink exercise, where I used to go running to release tension I now get out my pilates mat and feel a whole lot better for it.
I also love the flexibility of so many days, times and types of classes you can sign up to so I can fit it around a busy work schedule.

I can honestly say I have not had a massage since I started pilates four years ago and have preached the virtues of pilates to all who listen. It gives you a good waist and bum if you work hard at it too…

I joined your postnatal Pilates barre class to try to get back into shape after having baby no 2. And I became absolutely addicted to the feeling afterwards – feeling stronger, more optimistic, confident – as well as the community of mums. I looks forward to my Tuesday morning class with a passion and have loved the outdoor Pilates classes in the summer too. I am so grateful to have been part of this wonderful network of Tooting and Balham Pilates enthusiasts that you have created and recommend it to everyone especially if they want a healthy body and mind. I am convinced that it’s your class and other exercise during my maternity leave that have kept me out of post natal depression. Sincerely, thank you Katie and please give me a shout if you are ever in Vancouver x

I’ve always been a gym girl and never cared for Pilates until after my son was born when I was recommended Katie’s Buggylates classes by my NCT friend. I tried it and loved it straight away: it made me feel stronger, it focuses and calms your mind and I now attend Katie’s normal classes during the week and feel great for it. If there is only one exercise class you can fit in a week then one of Katie’s classes should be it.

Katie is an inspiring teacher and motivator whose classes are taught with love and a really clear passion for helping bodies of all shapes, sizes and strengths reach their potential! I took a few general classes but when I became pregnant signed up properly for antenatal sessions. I felt such a difference in my strength and stamina and the concentration and focus that Katie teaches was amazing for me in labour. Pilates for life!

I decided to start varying my fitness regime earlier this year and felt the need to work on my core and strengthen parts of the body often overlooked. I have found Katie’s Pilates a rewarding and testing part of my weekly exercise and the ease in which you can pay and go has really helped me work each session into my diary around various personal and work commitments. I have enjoyed learning new exercises in a welcoming environment with real expertise and hands on guidance that has really improved my overall fitness to the point I look forward to the next session… sort of!

I’ve been going to Katie’s classes for over three years now and can’t imagine ever stopping. The lessons have had a really positive impact on my physical and mental health: I’m longer and leaner and mindful in mind and body. Everyone is made to feel welcome in class and all of the teachers are supportive. If you want a class that is fun, energises and pushes you, Katie’s Pilates is for you. I can’t wait for my next class!

Katie and her great team have totally converted me to the world of pilates! I had tried a few different yoga and pilates classes before but it never really clicked for me. Katie’s workouts are an amazing mix of strength building, technique, relaxation and fun – with such an amazing variety of classes there is never time to go to as many as I want! I’ve really noticed the benefits in other parts of my life as well – I used to get regular running injuries but haven’t had any since I started doing pilates 2 years ago. Whatever style of exercise you enjoy Katie will have a class to fit!

Katie’s Pilates classes are fun, challenging and great value for money. Katie and her team are attentive and make everyone feel welcome. The classes are great for both beginners and those with more experience as the teacher gives clear instructions and demonstrations and corrects technique and you can push yourself as much as you like. There’s a great variety of classes to choose from throughout the week. Each class is well-planned and sequenced and no two classes are ever the same.

I was brand new to Pilates before joining Katie’s classes. Any nerves I felt were overcome immediately by the friendly and incredibly knowledgable Katie and Anna. I’ve now been going for several years and have noticed such a difference in my day to day and sporting activities. I’ve tried many Pilates classes through gym passes and nothing has come close to the classes taught by Katie and Anna in terms of the attention each person receives, technical expertise and their ability to help you push beyond your limits and develop. They have also been massively considerate of injuries I’ve had and really helped build my strength back up. Would recommend their classes to everyone!

Not sure why people think Pilates isn’t for men? I’ve been doing mixed classes for over a year now. The classes are always challenging, with different levels catered for, so you’ll always feel the burn and you’ll feel great afterwards. Try it once and you’ll want to come back for more!

I started Katie’s Pilates last January and had never tried Pilates before. I have tried just about everything else though and get bored quickly. The fact that, a year on, the Pilates classes are one of my favourite bits of the week, speaks volumes.
Every class is different, which keeps me interested and you work really hard. Every week I can feel my body getting stronger and I leave every class feeling a million times better than I did when I went in. The teachers are friendly, patient and ready to push you to work as hard as you can. I can’t recommend Katie’s Pilates highly enough.